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Mud and Sweat Bike Event - with Family class

The next event Mud and Sweat event will be held at Brimpt's Farm on Dartmoor (Devon), on Sunday 15th May 2011.

This event will host a number of different classes, to appeal to as many riders as possible. We will have our usual Navigation classes (like Trail Quest) along with the Time Trail class.

The Navigation classes combine off-road mountain biking with the skill of navigating (which for this event will have an unusual twist), whilst our Time Trail class will see competitors riding a number of laps around a set course in the fastest time possible.

For this event, we will also be holding a Time Trail Duathlon,which will have competitors both riding and running a number of laps around a set course in the fastest time possible.

The event will be taking place in the beautiful surroundings of Brimpt's Farm, right in the heart of Dartmoor (near Dartmeet). The farm is ideal for this type of event, as it has a huge variety of terrain including forests, farmland and open countryside. The area contains a good network of tracks, paths and country lanes, providing a good variety and choice of riding.

Each class of event has courses of different lengths and durations. These are suited to a range of abilities, from those who want to test their riding skill through to those who would like to tour around on large tracks.

Each Navigation event is open to solos, pairs or families, whilst the Time Trail and Duathlon events are open to solos.

Mud and Sweat provide the safety and event support, the electronic timing equipment (all our events utilise SportIdent) for all styles of event and additionally we provide the maps for the Navigation courses. There are prizes for the winners in each class.

All you need to compete is a working bike, helmet (running shoes if entering the Duathlon) and sense of fun and adventure to work up a bit of Mud and Sweat!

For more details and to enter online, please visit our website:

We are offering substantial discounts for pre-entering the event.
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