Body armour?

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With only a few weeks to go before the Diva Descent DH race we were wondering what body armour you have?

Which do you recommend and why?

What's good and what's bad about it?

Which armour gets your vote when it comes to making yourself bump-proof, let us know below! :D


  • bartiebat
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    I wear Forcefield. Its breathable, doesnt smell, doesnt make you sweat, fully washable, soft shell so more comfy, they do womens sizes, works for all my other sports.

    Bad points - expensive. But Ive tried cheaper Hill Billy, 661, Red & got frustrated with it all for varying reasons.
  • smallred
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    I've got Demon body armour. Nice & light stretchy material, way nicer to wear than the UFO and Knox men's stuff I used to make do with, which felt really syntheticy (is that even a word?!). Adjustable arms & sides and no boob-flattening plates on the front or massive waist belt around the middle to ride up and annoy...

    I have Fox women's elbow/forearm armour for when I'm not in full kit, and got the knee/shin guards too to replace the Alpinestars stuff I used to use from my motocross kit (men's stuff, OK under MX gear byt was too bulky for pedalling in comfortably for long). The Fox stuff is nice, a good fit and doesn't move about. My only gripe is that the bottom of some shorts gets stuck between them and my leg somtimes, but I guess that happens with shorts vs 3/4s.
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