Best road frame for £500?

davep123 Posts: 80
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My carbon frame is dead and I need a new frame could anyone give any reccomendations around the £500 mark? Any material.


  • kfinlay
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    Have you tried the usual places - ribble, planet x or direct from china via ebay?

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  • Anonymous
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    FM015 or 028 from Hongfu or Dengfu....

    Or take a punt on the new FM039 Aero road frame...

    Cheaper than 500 quid too...
  • davep123
    davep123 Posts: 80
    I've always been a bit suspicious of the cheap chinese carbon frames. What do you know?
  • kafkathedog
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    I'm liking FM039 - less windage :D
  • Ian.dh
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    I am about to buy a Ribble Gran Fondo carbon frame.
    I am close enough to go pick it up. Would prefer that than ordering from China.
  • A lot of these direct-from-China framesets come to you straight from the factory, hence the lower cost. Also, the vast majority of branded carbon frames are from China anyway, many from the same factories you can buy these cheaper, "unbranded" frames from.
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