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Back injury at the age of 15

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Ive just started to recover from quite a serious back injury which started last august ive played rugby for about 4 years and I had hurt my back a few times but nothing serious i played prop forward and strain on my back was inevitable because of the postion i played, but whilst i was in turkey last summer with my family my back started to hurt about half way through the sccond week of a two week holiday the how ever many hour flight back surely didnt help but the night after we arrived home i woke up and was unable to move and came to the point where i couldnt move my lower body but my upper body movement was fine ive been pretty much in a wheelchair or on cruthes for about six months but ive had injections into my back and spine 2 times now the first time i had it it wore off and started to become very painful again but ive had another one nearly two months ago and finally after readin mbuk for the time ive been at home and in hospital ive bought a new bike and i can ride again and it feels good :D We have been to see the doctors and They said three things to do to build up my strenght Running and walking,Swimming and cycling well ive been road cycling since a couple of days after i could walk and made my move to a bit of easy xc riding and i feel fine it is a bit harder than it used to be but im hoping to be able to race xc at some point this year i was just wondering if anyone has had similar problems and how they strenghthened there back or if anyone knows what exercises i should be doing to help. Sorry for the post being so long thanks to everyone that reads and posts :D
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  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    your doctor/physio should give you the exercises need to stabilise your lower back.

    If not go and see a good sports physio to get some exercises.
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    Pilates. I have chronic back problems (most recent: slipped disc) due to hypermobility and pilates is the only thing that has helped.

    Speak to your physio. Get some one to one coaching to get you started then continue in group classes, once you know what you're doing.

    Back problems suck. Fact.
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    Running and swimming are not recommended if you have a bad back. There's too much impact from running, and swimming - unless it is very gentle - curves and twists your spine in all the wrong ways.

    Walking is good - use poles to make it easier - and biking is good providing you can climb on and off the bike OK.

    Best thing to do is keep moving - just normal daily activities - and avoid long periods of inactivity because you will seize up.

    Would also recommend an osteopath - have a word with your lbs they will know a good one. Steer clear of chiropractors IMO
  • .blitz wrote:
    Running and swimming are not recommended if you have a bad back. There's too much impact from running, and swimming - unless it is very gentle - curves and twists your spine in all the wrong ways.

    sorry but i have to say that this is wrong.

    I have bene swimming for many years and swimming is easly one of the best exercises you can do to recover from any sort of injury.

    Back pain and posture are most likely related so getting correct posture after injury is vital otherwise you never will recover, also muscle inbalances are a major issue with injury.

    Muscle inbalances are actually one of the major factors in people getting injured though sport and when i played rugby our coach was very picky about this, so made sure we did the correct exercises depending on what position we played.

    Personally see a professional, they will get a programme sorted for you, which you can follow and see a improvement over time.

    Its a hard injury to recover from but given your age it should not affect you for life, so theres a bright side.

    swimming will probably be on your recovering programme but not early stage but later on, as it helps improve the core muscles which support the lower back as well as improve muscle tone, which in turn improves your muscle endurance.

    good luck , hope your back on the road soon
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