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I've been playing with the Ribble bike builder over the weekend and has anyone noticed the discrepancy between the bike builder and the individual product prices?

For example:

'Deda Newton 31 Anatomical Oversize Stem' bike builder: £41.00 individual price: £40.76
'Deda Zero 100 Seatpost' bike builder: £49.95 individual price: £47.96
'Continental GP4000S ' bike builder: £55.50 individual price £50.40
'Look Keo Classic Pedals' bike builder: £44.95 individual price £43,16

So by ordering components separately I get them cheaper and get spare tyres, seatpost and stem for my commuting bike?


  • rolf_f
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    I think Ribble probably just prefer to encourage people to use the Special Edition bikes page. The options are more restricted and quite a bit cheaper so it always makes the Bike Builder look a bit pricey unless you absolutely must have a certain spec..
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  • Percy Vera
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    I think it's more a case of a complicated/confusing back end on the website. Instead of one place to change prices they have to change them in seperate places and so some are overlooked.

    BTW ordered some stuff from Ribble on Friday with free P&P and it arrived Saturday morning!! Excellent service as always... :D
  • hammerite
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    Yes I'd agree that Ribble have a complicated back end system that doesn't keep the part prices up to date on all things.

    Or it could just be a case that you're not buying parts in the bike builder, you're buying parts as fitted in the bike builder. So they keep it simple on the bike builder and making a little extra as they have to pay someone to build the bike.

    In a lot of cases the prices in the bike builder are still lower than the RRP.