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Hi - doing a LEJOG ride next month and wondering whether a rearview mirror, either helmet, or handlebar, would be a good idea?


  • pingpong
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    Good idea for the price, but remember to look behind as well, I find mirrors are good when you are on the move and want to know what's going on around you. Good as an aid but not as a substitute :)
  • millimole
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    Mirrors - luv 'em or hate 'em. I love them - and have them on all my bikes - but cheap ones are a false economy. There are some nice end of bar mounted ones with slightly convex mirrors - Italian I think (maybe Spinacci ?). Unobtrusive and effective.
    I'd also second what Pingpong says - 'an aid not a substitute' (I've got dodgy shoulders so find turning my head round very difficult / painful)
  • Uchiga
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    I might just hijack this thread... My mother wants to have bar ends and a mirror on a bike with riser bars (mtb styled) So far we havent found a mirror that allows her the use of both her wonderful expensive ergon grips as well as a rear view mirror. I've seen a mirror that i thought would work as it grips the handlebar rather than in the end of the handlebar but alas it was way to short to see behind her... Anyone with any advice, it would be much appreciated!
  • cougie
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    Why a mirror just for LEJOG ? Why useful just for that if (presumably) you havent needed it already on your training ?

    Personally - I dont think they are much use on a bike.
  • dcj
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    these ones actually seem well designed when i saw them at a recent cycle show.
  • Uchiga
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    dcj wrote:
    these ones actually seem well designed when i saw them at a recent cycle show.

    Er yer i saw those, well made a designed... Just completely in the wrong place! Not wide enough to see behind you, i have leg in the way when i'm pedalling with one of these!