Which 1st Road Bike?

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I'm new to road biking and just want something cheap to get my sea legs so to speak. I do a lot of mountain biking but have been talked into getting on the road bike scene for some long distance bike rides..

I'm 6 foot tall and around 14 stone.
Inside leg around 32-34.

I could do with some suggestions as to what to look at as Ive been scrolling websites with little knowledge as to what Im after...

Am i right in thinking due to height-inside leg that I should be aiming for a 58-60?

I've noted the following which grabbed my attention but may be completely unsuitable.. So your advice is appreciated..

As many suggestions as possible please around these prices:

Claud Butler 700C Criterium Racing Bike 2011
Claud Butler San Remo 2011
Carrera TDF 2011 :?

Thanks in advance....


  • pastasauce
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    Whats your LBS got ?

    If you're unsure of sizes I'd start there rather than trying your luck ont web.
  • peejay78
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    my answer to this question is invariably 'boardman'.

    and in light of your selections, my answer is 'boardman'.

    and sizing 58-60 sounds about right.
  • Phixion
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    For that price range... yeah Boardman.
  • nochekmate
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    Specialized Allez Elite 2008 with carbon forks and carbon stays.

    Should be priced around £400 for a model in good condition (a bit cheaper if you look hard enough and are patient)
  • jonny_trousers
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    And there are amazing deals to be had second-hand.

    Sizing is very personal so well worth trying different options. I'm 5'11, and prefer a top tube of around 55cm. This may be because I have sloping shoulders, I don't know. Being overstretched can be tiring and make life uncomfortable, wheras being hunched up presents it's own problems. Do go and try a few even if you have no intention of buying.

    I also hear good things about the Boarmans when set up well.
  • I'd have to disagree: I got a Carrera Vanquish with black 105 shifters/mech, shimano r500s for 425 quid. Can't go wrong with Halfords. One o-freaking five. Ha.

    Well you can actually, as it turns out, but we'll leave that for another day.

    Oh and boardman isn't that cheap anymore: their entry level road bike is 600 quid and only comes with Sora!
  • Size sounds about right.

    Important question is what is your budget?
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  • W4tto
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    Under £400 really. I know it's a poor show but I spend far too much on MTB as it is :-/

    Thanks for the advice so far, keep the recomndations coming...
  • I got a TDF last year for my dad (now ended up with my son) by walking instore and haggling. It was up for 300 then and I paid 250 ish. It has gone up this year like most bikes but it is worth a look at the price and if you can't find a second hand bargain.
    Allez 16 - bad weather / turbo trainer
    Tarmac Expert SL3 - test colours
    Dogma 2 - ex Team Sky
  • fastbatard
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    The new 2011 B'Twin Triban 3 (was known last year as B'Twin Sport 1) has got to be worth a look at £299 with carbon forks and shimano 2300.

    If you have a Decathlon close by you can go and ride them round the shop to get an idea of what size you need. I had the Sport 1 last year and am seriously considering getting this new model.

    http://www.decathlon.co.uk/EN/triban-3- ... #INFO-TECH