Scottish Bike Show 2011

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Just returned from the bike show and was wondering what everyone else thought?
i thought it was good but needed to be bigger and a bit more organised, should be more stuff for sale to make it worth while for the companies attending. Great start though.


  • DickBarton
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    Didn't go but from what I've heard it sounded good...thing is I've no interest in looking at stuff, I want to be doing stuff so it really didn't appeal to me. Not sure of visitor numbers but it sounded very busy which is excellent news.
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  • Was there on the Saturday & thought it was pretty good especially for a first attempt. Hopefully it can grow from here & increase in size.

    The BSD/Unit 23 guys were fantastic on the ramps & was the main reason we went along.
  • cazmotron
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    I went on Saturday and TBH was very disapointed, there really wasnt much, certainly not enough to justify the ticket price. The BSD guys were about the best thing, the 7 stanes guys could have done with a bigger area for their show. If they do it next year they need to alot more to make me want to go back.
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  • GPierotti
    GPierotti Posts: 104
    There was some cool stuff there, i'm not a fan of bmx so i'd rather the 7 stanes team had a much bigger spot. all it needs is more space, more bikes and more organisation really, and freebies some haribo at least :P