Dirt cheap new style Planet X jerseys and bib tights

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Planet X had a mishap in the new production of their jerseys and bib tights and they are having to flog them off asap as they were packed slightly damp.

i just received a short sleeve, long sleeve and some bib tights, and there is absoutely nothing wrong with them.

The short sleeve, brand new jerseys are only £9.99.

See here:

http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/planet- ... st11077721


  • ShutUpLegs
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    I think £9.99 is about the right price for them, soiled or not
  • crumbschief
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    I'm trying to picture how this came about,all i have come up with so far is a slightly excited packer.
  • amaferanga
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    ShutUpLegs wrote:
    I think £9.99 is about the right price for them, soiled or not

    Do you have one?

    Maybe £40 is a bit much, but they're worth more than a tenner. I'm not keen on the yellow, but I bought two of the light blue ones and they're decent jerseys.
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  • bilsea159
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    bought a long sleeve one and got it yesterday and it was perfect
  • Squillinossett
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    Got one in each color, cracking for the money. Yellow is so so, but I really like the blue one!
  • Got mine, long and short and can't be more pleased
  • chadders81
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    Was a bit slow on this but managed to get a yellow LS in my size. Not mega keen as I preferred the blue but it will do for commuting.

    Hope there will be more mistakes.
  • Mine (long sleeve, short sleeve and bib tights) were all perfect- cracking value for money. I quite like my yellow one!

    I'm in Ossett too Squill!
  • Squillinossett
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    Im now in lofthouse, but PM me if you fancy sorting a ride!
  • Just back from a fairly brisk 43mile ride and the wicking seems spot on.
    Very pleased to have bought a couple