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Calling all NZ'ers - discussion forum for NZ cyclists?

getprggetprg Posts: 245
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This is a bit of a long shot but here goes..........

In July I'm heading to New Zealand South Island (yes I know it's winter) to visit friends in Christchurch and Blenheim. Whilst in Blenheim I'd like to do some riding and training (including the Grape Run route and maybe a one day ride to Nelson) but my friends there don't ride.

I won't have my bike with me because we are holidaying in Thailand and visiting Australia as well and she who must be obeyed refuses to travel everywhere with a large bike bag as part of our luggage (tbh I don't fancy carting a bike round either).

So I thought maybe there is a friendly cyclist in Blenhein - about my size - who could lend/hire me a road bike - something old but cared for would be grand. Who knows they might even be friendly eough to cycle with a POM and show me some sights - be nice to make a new friend who shares a love for cycling. The local Blenhein hire shop just does mtb/sturdy touring style bikes.

How do I track someone down.......? Can anyone suggest an NZ discussion forum a bit like BR where I may be able to post my idea?
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