carbon seatpost in steel frame?

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Should I use grease or carbon assembly paste? I'm concerned that the latter may introduce moisture into the frame, not knowing what its made from.


  • Yossie
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    Nice bit o' copperslip will do the job there my son. Alternatively just slap a bt of moly on, grease seat collar bolt, torque seat collar up, job jobbed.

    Remember to take seat post out every 6 months or so, clean facings, re-apply copperslip/grease as required.
  • keef66
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    Well I use carbon assembly paste on my carbon post in an ally frame. Redo it every year. No sign of any corrosion anywhere.

    It came fitted dry, but kept slipping down. Contacted the shop (Epic) who suggested the paste and sent a sachet FOC in the post :D