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First post - hello peeps! :D

I go away for short summer weekends with my bike at least once a year and would prefer to avoid carrying my stuff on my back if possible.

Has anyone used a Topeak Beam rack on their road bike? They make a specific road one which is pretty inexpensive but looks like the ideal solution for a bike with no rack mounts. It would only be used to carry a very modest load of a couple of changes of clothes or so.

Also, I ride a PX SL Pro Carbon with carbon seat post. I would use a spare alloy post for this, but would there otherwise be any issues with using this so far as concerns the carbon frame? I presume not but thought better to check with the cognoscenti.




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    No experience guys?

    Maybe I am in the wrong forum...?
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    I did LEJOG on my carbon Kuota Kharma with a seat post rack and rack bag with about 5-8kg of stuff in it. No problems at all. I also swapped to an alloy seatpost. Don't think you'll have any issues. Are you planning on using a rack bag or panniers?
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    That's really helpful - thanks for the reply and example.

    I'd probably but bungee a small soft bag with clothes etc in rather than use panniers or even a bespoke Topeak bag (which would be heavier and probably unnecessary for my purposes).

    Thanks again for the reassurance.