prologo choice saddle

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ive been offered a prologo choice saddle but its red and has red rails and would look a bit stupid on my bike but i know wiggle sell spare covers.

does anyone know when you cahnge the covers if there is also a way of chaging the colour that is on the rails or is it just a straight top cover swap ??

its a nice saddle and a bargain but dont want it to look shite !! nd red and will not look good !!


  • JRooke
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    If by Rails you mean the actual bars that attach it to the seat post then no, but the seat cover, the entire thing comes off, piping and all, and you just clip in a new one.
  • Zoomer37
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    Never knew you could replace the covers! Nice one JRooke.

    Any idea where I could get a replacement cover for a prologo nago?
  • JRooke
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    I think its only the prologo choice ones, hence the "choice" part, might be wrong though, never had a nago.