How much for a fixed/single speed to match a Trek 1200?

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Hi there. Hoping for some advice. I've never ridden a fixed bike before and I'm currently commuting on my 2006 Trek 1200. It was a rash buy and far nicer a bike than I've otherwise owned. I never change out of the top gear, and wince each time I bang over a pothole.

Can anyone give me advice on where to look for a fixed/single speed bike that wouldn't feel like too much of a step down in performance from the Trek?

Also, I have been having a look myself and saw this article: ... ore-22850/

...where it helpful offers that "The new steel-framed Backspin is aimed at riders who want to give fixed gear a try on a budget. At 850 euros (approx £730/US$1,200), it comes with toe clips, low-rise bars, a flip-flop rear hub and retro BMX saddle."

So it might be worth adding I'm looking for a budget solution, but closer to £130 than £730.


  • 2010 charge plug from wiggle, 300 quid, although it's worth reading the comments section on frame sizes.
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    Have a look at the Pearson Touche. Lovely looking traditional style fixed bike

    I got one on ebay for just over £300 in mint condition. Has full mudguards and clearance for wider tyres. Flip flop hub too if you fancy Single Speed instead.