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“Roundtail” Bike: Cool Or Just Loopy?


  • jim453jim453 Posts: 1,360
    But why?
  • tx14tx14 Posts: 244
    solution to a nonexistent problem.
    if you want more compliant ride, get a saddle with better padding or high tpi tyres.
  • I thought there was a reason the "usual" bike frame was in essence two triangles?
    with these hoops provides 10 times the vertical flex and 60 times the shock absorption

    Sounds like a lot and too much to me, there is a reason road bikes don't have rear suspension. Too much energy being absorped = loss of power and speed, right?

    Utterly bonkers looking mind you.
  • that looks mental
  • snailracersnailracer Posts: 968
    Most modern road bikes have curved tubes, possibly to make them bend a bit when they hit bumps, but I suspect mainly for styling. This "roundtail" just takes that to an absurd limit.
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    Isn't the chain going to be very close to the chainstay when using the small chainring?
    More problems but still living....
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