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First 50!

EasyridingEasyriding Posts: 56
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Hi all,

I realise that this probably won't be a big deal to you folks who regularly eat up the miles but on Saturday I did my first 50 miler, or more precisely 52.55 miles in a shade under 4 hours, at an average of 12.7 mph

I decided I needed a challenge for this year and signed up to do the Beach to Beach Bournemouth to Brighton ride in May, so rather than just riding for fitness and fun I've had a goal to aim for. I've gradually built up the mileage and now feel fitter than I've ever done.

Don't know if that's a respectable time over a course that included fast flat sections and some short steepish hills but I had a great time and didn't feel knackered after it.

Whilst I enjoy riding on my own, I'm now wondering whether to make that leap and join a club and maybe if things go well in May I'd like to do some sportives.

Is anybody else on here doing the Beach to Beach and how's the training going?


  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Well done Easyriding. I am all for personal challenges and find that they help to keep me focussed, whether it is the next xx miler or that blinking hill that needs to be conquered.

    Did you do a good time? Who cares. There is always going to be someone faster and someone slower (and everyone's experience will be based on a different route anyway) so it is all relative. The point is that you enjoyed the ride and accomplished a 50.

    I would recommend club riding in that there are lots of different types (some are touring groups, some are racing snakes, some dress in tweed with shopping baskets) and the clubs often do different rides so you can match your current level with the right peers or the way you feel on a particular day (go up a group if you want to gurn or down a group if you want to put you feet up and recover, etc.). Riding with others will help the miles go by in an enjoyable way although regular training by yourself will help your progress.

    Have fun.
  • Rich HcpRich Hcp Posts: 1,355
    Don't worry about the time, you did it and thats what counts.

    Do the same route in the future and you'll naterally get quicker!

    I like riding on my own and won't be joining a club, I do it for myself, as anyone should, and its not my cup of tea.

    When I'm out on my MTB, I like having friends around, we buy each other drinks at the end :)

    You must do what suits you and enjoy it too!

    Giving it Large
  • DCowlingDCowling Posts: 769
    Well done
    I just completed my first 50 + this year, last weekend ( only my third so far).
    I ride mostly with a couple of friends or on my own and really enoy it, next goal is 62 then work my way up to 100.
    50 may be easy to some on here but I looked at it this way, I personally only know a few people who can do this and now I am one of them :o ( gives me huge boost in confidence). this time last year I had only just stopped smoking and had not started to ride a bike, since then , I have managed about 2.75k and just want to do more and more, it's the best form of exercise I have ever done
    But that first 50 , it's a great feeling isn't i :D t
  • rc856rc856 Posts: 1,144
    Well done.
    As stated, don't worry about the speed. At least you'll have the confidence to either go a
    bit faster or stay at the same pace and try an extra 5, 10, 15 miles if were feeling fresh. the same route, same pace to get used to it.

    Join a club? I'd say a big yes. Building up my mileage this year, I was stuck doing 30 odd/40 odd milers but went past 50 then 60 with my newly joined club.
    I find the miles fly in with a group and you save energy by getting a bit of shelter.
    Find a club and check their website to see if they cater for all....a good club should.
  • Very well done Easyriding. Not something to be sniffed at. Hope to be able to do the same before this month is out, but am under no illusion how tough this can be.
  • markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
    Check with your non cycling friends what they think of 50 miles ridden. I bet most would be very impressed, so you have achieved something pretty special in their eyes.

    I remember my first 50, it was a big thing to me so savour the feeling.

    +1 for joining a club, your riding will improve no end and your involvment within cycling will be enhanced. You'll be able to find similar riders to train with and improve. Who knows you could end up racing or TTing before you know it.

    Set yourself a new target now, how about a metric century(60 odd miles) not too far out of reach for you to go for.
  • TanukiRiderTanukiRider Posts: 444
    well done mate. Just done my first 50 on a road bike last weekend 3 days after I bought the bike. No proper road gear, so was wearing mtb helmet, jersey and undershorts under my running shorts!! :shock:

    But, it was great, loved it and cant wait for the weekend and another on different route now :D
    Scott Addict R3
    Boardman CX 2014
  • Thanks for all your support and kind comments.

    I'm contemplating trying a 60 miler this Saturday but I'll see how the legs feel - I don't want to risk overdoing it.

    Your comments about riding in a group seem so true. I caught up with a bunch of half-a-dozen riders in the lanes a couple of weeks ago, having already got 35 miles on the clock. I stayed with them for a couple of miles and had a chat and when we went our separate ways I suddenly realised I'd been going a bit faster and forgotten my tired legs.
  • :oops: Well done mate , I'm just in the process of increasing my daughters stamina to do a 50 ( & go to work next day) it's a great milestone.Joining a club has the advantage of widening your circle of friends & possibly your social life. It works for some but not others.
  • chill123chill123 Posts: 210
    nice work, you'll be riding a century before you know it!

    i definitely recommend joining a club. most are very supportive and friendly and it'll most likely kick you fitness on massively.
  • Since my original post - I went out yesterday and did my first 60 miler! (4hrs 44mins). Feeling good today, so it must be doing me good!
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