First Road Bike

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Hi All,

I've decided to venture into something new, from MTB to Road Biking and am struggling with what to choose. I like the Felt bikes and have a LBS very nearby who sell them. I'm struggling whether to go for the Felt Z5 or Felt F5. They both seem very able bikes, just unsure which is best for me? I'm not a hardcore racer and would like to do general riding and maybe join a club. I would like to do Lands End to John O' Groats next year.

Any advice appreciated.


  • danowat
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    The F series is the racier end of the spectrum, the Z series is their "sportive" frame, which is (supposedly) more comfortable and more suited to long(er) rides, thats not to say the F would be uncomfortable.
  • rc856
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    Hi mate,
    If you have an LBS that stocks the bikes, great.
    Get a test ride on however many you fancy and chose one that's comfy
    for you....and looks good :)