BeOne bikes, any opinions?

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Im still struggling to make a decision on bikes. Ideally I'd use an LBS though they currently are unable to get stock of the bike I want (Cube Attempt) un my size, so Im back to scouring the web!
I see the BeOne bikes on chain reaction look to be well specced, but I can't find any reviews about them........ So any opinions? I like the Mistral.


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    I bought one of the 2010 Storm bikes from CRC. Overall, I'd say the bike is excellent, and it seems like BeOne are pretty on the ball. I emailed them a question Friday afternoon, and they replied first thing Monday morning. The guys there seem really helpful.

    I do have a few issues with the service from chain reaction however.

    First of all, don't expect the bike to be the same colour as the one you've ordered. My one was meant to have white bar tape, cable housings and a saddle, but it came all black. CRC basically don't want to know, so it's either a case of sending it back, or forking out more money to get it looking like the picture. It's a good spec, so I'm going to keep it, but CRC have pretty much lost my future custom for anything I can get elsewhere.

    Set up on the bike was also pretty appalling, but I don't know whether CRC actually set the bikes up or not ( I would hope not judging by my bike). If you're not comfortable indexing gears etc, budget a trip to your LBS to get it set up properly. Mine was absolutely un-rideable out of the box, so just keep that in mind.

    Don't get me wrong, the actual bike is fantastic and the spec is excellent value for money. It's just that with the problems CRC have been having with card details being stolen, and now I've had to deal with their customer service team, I'd maybe keep looking around.

    To sum up:

    - BeOne bike = Great Spec for the money
    - Poor Customer Service from Chain Reaction Cycles = Not good at all
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply. A very balanced response, I shall maybe keep on looking. shame it is let down by the customer service, as the value does seem good.
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    I've said this in a post in the past, which i imagine i'll again get slated about, I own a Tarmac sl2 and a BeOne pearl(and now a bmc :p ), and half way through the season opted to race on the BeOne, personally found it a wonderful race bike, out of the saddle its a monster, plus it has a really nice low profile ride, honestly don't have a bad word to say about it, they are dutch bikes and from reviews and reports seem to have had a lot of testing done and they are massive in the mountain bike world. I'm uming and aring about selling it on this season, not sure I want to let it go until i've got a few races under the belt on the new bmc, already sold the sl2.
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    What size Cube Attempt are you after?
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    The 58cm size.
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    Had a BeOne Briza which is the cheap one - used it as a Turbo Trainer and the occassional ride and it wasn't bad considering I got it on sale for less than £300.

    Hold out for the Cube though - find a dealer - your location is a factor but there are plenty available via mail order in Cycling Plus Magazine...

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    loukir wrote:
    The 58cm size.

    Call Prologue Bikes in East Sheen, Richmond.
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    I have a BeOne Storm with full 105. Absolutely love it! Rolls well and no creaks after 18 months use. The pictures are from BeOne so the colour matches are nothing to do with CRC. Mine was different but I changed the saddle and tape anyway - black bike had white tape and saddle... If you're in Ireland go to the warehouse and try one out. Don't know who else stocks them but the sizes are accurate. I'm an odd size and shape (5'4" with really short legs and the 52cm fits). FWIW I've found CRC to be excellent. Good luck.
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    I've a 2009 Storm 1 that I picked up 1/2 price at the start of 2010; done many thousands of miles on it and it's been pretty good. The finish of the frame is OK and the carbon fork was a revelation for me in terms of comfort. The wheels were a bit crappy though and I replaced them with PX Model Bs (which have not been too great for me either, I must admit).

    For shorter rides it's a blast. I find it a bit of a struggle over distances of more than 70 miles or so but I suspect that I picked too big a frame.

    Because of that I'm about to strip mine down and transfer the components onto a PX Nanolight Hi-mod frame that I picked up in the January sales, but otherwise it's a thumbs up from me.

    I don't know of any stockists other than CRC so I doubt you'd get a chance to take one for a trial ride.
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