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Firstly, apologies if this is a topic that has been discussed many times before, but I promise I did several searches on these fora before posting this, and didn't find a thing! I guess I am using the wrong search terms.

Can anyone recommend what sort of bike carrier I should get;

1) 2 bike max
2) I have no tow-ball
3) Peugeot 307 (i.e. hatch-back)
4) rear mounted, not roof mounted

I've had a google and can find thousands of different ones, but have no idea where to begin.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered!

PS happy to be re-directed to any threads / other parts of this site that I may have missed (I am conscious that this topic has probably been discussed to death)



  • danowat
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    I swear by my towbar mounted one, its not that expensive to get one fitted.
  • ratsbeyfus
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    Saris bones - tough, easy to fit, and my bike always felt securely held by it... it carries three bikes though.

    I had one of them red bikes but I don't any more. Sad face.

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    Went to local towing centre today - they say need either a high-mounted clip on one, or a tow bar one.

    The low mounting clip-on ones are apparently illegal as they obscure the numberplate/lights.

    To fit a tow bar, and wire it all up with a Thule 2 bike carriet (with a "lighting bar" and numberplate) - £422!!!!!

    Could get a high mounting clip on, but they are £180 and may not be compatable with my next car (probably will be due for a new car in next couple of years).

    So for now, jamming my pride-and-joy into the boot it is!
  • danowat
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    £422?, how the heck did they come up with that figure?.

    I've got a 3 bike Thule towbar carrier, it was £100, Towbar kit is less than £100, I can't imagine it would cost over £200 to fit it. ... 1e5fd529aa
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    Their breakdown is as follows (I haven't signed up - I just asked them to print it out for my consideration);

    £125.00 RideOn 2 bike Towball Carrier (I asked for the Thule 2 biker, which I assume this is)
    £11.46 Euro Number Plate

    = £352.46 + £70.49VAT


  • paul64
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    Saris Bones 2, look it up on Youtube to see how it works. Very clever, allows you to have the arms at different height for sloping top tubes and when not in use folds up really small so doesn't take up much boot space.

    I recently bought one to replace a much bulkier luxury Halfords carrier which was starting to stress at the various joints that take the strain. Bolts bending, plastics prising apart etc.
  • Secteur
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    Saris bones 2 looks like the one I need - thanks!
  • Mister W
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    The towing centre certainly saw you coming and have been feeding you b*llsh*t. The low bike carriers are not illegal. If you use any carrier that obscures the number plate and lights you need to use an additional lighting board. Halfords sell this for £20 although the wiring kit costs extra.

    The Saris Bones is an excellent carrier but I use a Halfords high mounted rear rack, which is fine for occassional use and costs about £60.