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Converting a bike for a cyclocross questions... on budget...

jez_clarkejez_clarke Posts: 239
edited April 2011 in XC and Enduro
hey guys...

i am doing a coast to coast event later in the year and i wondered if anyone could help..
i've been advised that by race organisers that a cyclocross bike would be perfect for the event as the terrain is not demanding enough to warrant a mountain bike..

i don't want to buy a bike specifically for this as it's likely a one off and can't afford it anyway even if i wanted too...

so.. options are to convert one of my bikes

my winter bike is a racer Trek 2300.. do you think i could convert this and it would be suitable..? anyone got any advice for tyres ?

i guess i would need some sturdier wheels too, but not too expensive wheels..? again any advice would be welcome..

should i be thinking about anything else..?
i thought about getting some smaller tyres for my Trek 9.8 mountain bike, but the event also has about 50 miles of road sections in addition to the light xc which is why i'm not thinking of taking my mountain bike anymore..

Trek 9.8
Specialized Langster
Specialised Tri_Cross Comp
Viner Magnifica
and a unicylcle
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