Decent pub in Innerleithen?

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A group of us are off up to Scotland this weekend, for our first taste of Glentress / Innerleithen.

We're staying at some apartments in Innerleithen, can anyone recommend a decent pub, preferably that does food as well?
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  • Sodfoster
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    Not really, Peebles is a little better for the night life and only about 3 miles from inners, a little more choice.
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  • thecrofter
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    Traquair Arms is Ok
    The corner House(owned by Chinese family, so menu leans to Oriental)
    Whistle Stop Cafe for lunch

    Much more happening in Peebles though
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  • if you don't mind straying slightly out of innerliethen then try the glentress hotel. some of the nicest food i've eaten.

    the only downside is that the guinness comes in a can, not on draft :(
  • Wanted to stay local really, because of logistics (there's 11 of us), but Peebles only looks like a short taxi ride away.
    It's all good fun until someone loses a bollock.

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  • Davy-g
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    The Corner House Hotel... small bar, good food...and friendly staff...prices weren't to bad... £9.99 for sweet n sour chicken with fried rice...

    4 of us stayed there on Monday
  • dvatc
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    Green Tree Hotel in Peebles.
  • cee
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    peebles is about 6 and half miles from inners...

    also....for more nightlife...galashiels is only 10 miles from inners.....although...erm....well if you like that sort of thing I guess its fine!

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  • We ended up in the Traquair Arms and Tweedside Hotel (now know why it's referred to as the Star Wars bar :shock: ) on the Friday night. Food ok in the Traquair Arms but small portions and quite expensive.

    Went to the Corner House on the Saturday night and the beer / food / landlady's daughter were all fantastic! :wink:
    It's all good fun until someone loses a bollock.

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