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RIBBLE - whats all the fuss?

brinbrin Posts: 1,122
edited April 2011 in The bottom bracket
Having read a few bad reports in last month or so regarding orders from Ribble, thought i'd give credit where it's due, ordered a pair of tyres Thurs night, took delivery of them this morning, considering the order will only have been processed Friday as the orders Dept is closed weekend, i think that's bloody good customer service :D


  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,785
    My experiences have been both good and bad.

    Jan 2009. Had a few questions about some of their products, emailed them to ask, sometimes I got replies, very blunt, unhelpful and didn't answer the questions I'd asked...

    Feb-March 2009. 6 week wait for a pair of mountain bike forks which were in stock, then asked to pay extra for delivery if I wanted them sooner? Despite having entered into the purchase under the impression delivery was free and should take 2-5 days???

    I imagine Wiggle are probably to blame in some way.

    On the otherhand, I placed a couple of orders last summer and they were processed very quickly, arrived promtly and ribble contacted me just to confirm a detail of the order. Very helpful in this instance.

    Overall my impression is they're a bit hit and miss but I happily use them again, although I'd try to use merlin or crc first.
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