Polarised lenses

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Are they worth it?

I'm looking to buy a new pair of Oakely RADAR sunglasses and would like to know if anyone out there has tested polarised/non-polarised lenses back-to-back, and if they make a big difference?



  • aripallaris
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    ive used polarised lenses when i snowboard and they make a massive amount of difference if thats any help
  • rjh299
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    Yes polarised lenses make a massive difference, they cut out the bright light not just darken your vision.
  • sungod
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    yep, polarised every time, cuts glare in the sun, helps tell the difference between puddles and water-filled potholes too!
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    I don't really understand why polarised lenses aren't more widely used - they cut out most reflected glare, so bright sunlight on wet roads, or glinting off windscreens is very much reduced. I'm afraid I'm too tight buy fancy sunglasses, so go to somewhere like Halfords (yes. yes, I know, but I'm not buying a bike), to get their selection of driving glasses, many of which have polarised lenses.
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    I think they're better suited to water sports where there is lots of glare. Not that much glare in cycling.
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    Search this one, we killed it in the perscription lends thread just before Christmas.

    Not all polarized are created equally. Kaenon's are the best, check them out.
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  • Pretty sure Decathlon do some reasonably priced polarized glasses..