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im looking for a skills course for my girlfriend to help improve her confidence and speed around the trails. She has been riding MTB for over a year now and is competent but would definatly benefit from some expert help, we are doing Passport de Soleil this year and she is desperate not to be the one trailing behind.

Has anyone ever done a course with the guys at or any others that you can recommend in the area. Am based in Bristol so somewhere more local would be prefered.


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    seen the Ladies only days in the "Girls" part of the forum :wink:
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    It's a bit far for you to go, but do give some thought to UK Bike Skills. Jedi is a great teacher and there's a great facility there so you're not having other trail users around and can focus on things built to exercise specific skillsets.
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    Thanks Atz, UK Bike Skills looks pretty good but further than i wanted to go. Really looking for a recommendatuion a bit closer to home.
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    They do ladies only 2 day courses that would be perfect for the your girlfriend. I did one last year after a few years of riding, and I wish I had done one much earlier. Really good course and great instructor :D

    PM me if you want any details!

    By the way, I wasn't a huge fan of 'ladies only' things before this course - I didn't like the way it segregated us - but I am now a convert! Girls learn in a very different way to men, and the atmosphere is hugely different because of that. It really is the ideal environment to learn new stuff and not feeling like a divvy for being nervous etc. And I usually ride in an all-male group, so I think i'm well placed to comment on the difference!
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    thanks for the recommend atz :)