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Two ladies training courses at Bedgebury, Kent.

coppiridercoppirider Posts: 39
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Hi Everyone,

There are two lady specific training days at Bedgebury this year, one on the 8th May and the other on 24th July.

If you feel you need some extra tuition at whatever level then this is the course to do, I have been on it last year and the coaches are really good, give you better understanding of what you are doing wrong and give advice on how to correct it, and above all give you confidence to try out your new skills without being too pushy!

So, you know it makes sense, at only £30 its a bargain and you will certainly feel the benefit at the end of the day, above all its a fun day with like minded people and you really do learn alot.

Go on, give it a go, you won't regret it!

BFCC ladies representative.
What you give is what you get


  • PamPen25PamPen25 Posts: 111
    Ooooooo, might have to go to that, it's not too far from me. :D

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