Summer Gloves on a Budget

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I've got a tight budget this summer due to getting married, and there are a few things i need for the summer.

One of which are some mitts. I've put aside £15 for a pair. Ive listed a few ive seen on CR and Wiggle. Which would you all reccomend?

Endura Might Mitt
Endura Rapido Mitt
Mavic Espoir
Altura Airstream

Any other opinions welcome!


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    Altura Gravity
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    Altura Airstream

    Out of the list so far I'd go with the Gore ones. Decent medium padding for the money.

    Love n hugs

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    best I tried on recently - and I tried on everything! - were Gore Power
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  • How do the sizes work with Gore? On wiggle there is a size guide but its small, medium larger etc. whereas in the buy now option the sizes are numbered..
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    For Gore gloves the sizes are as follows:

    Small 7.8-8.3"
    Medium 8.3-8.7"
    Large 8.7-9.2"
    XL 9.2-9.7"
    XXL 9.7-10.2"
    XXXL 10.2-10.6"

    Weird I know...

    Measure by wrapping a tape measure around your hand, the braod part just below your fingers.

    Love n hugs


    Edit to add, small = 6 and so on
    Eagles may soar but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.
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    If you can tolerate the design from a style point of view, prendas has 2 pairs for a tenner deal running on their own brand mitts, which is an excellent price for an excellent product.

    Slightly less stylistically challenged variants are a little more but still great value.