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Halfords/Boardman bikes - perfect service

YossieYossie Posts: 2,600
edited April 2011 in The bottom bracket
A couple of guys here have just got their new B'man carbon Pro bikes from Halfords delivered.

All boxed up perfectly, padding everywhere, 5 minutes to pop the bars, pedals and wheels on, 2 minutes to top up the tyres.

All gears and brakes perfectly set up, no damage to anything whilst in transit, no worries at all - couldn't find one complaint.

Sorry Halfords bashers, looks like the good guys have won again.


  • GiantMikeGiantMike Posts: 3,139
    A couple of guys where?

    The good guys have won what?

    How long have you worked for Halfords?

    What have you been drinking?
  • DunkindiverDunkindiver Posts: 143
    edited April 2011
    THey didn't even manage to sell me the correct brake blocks for my nippers bike this morning, despite me showing them the correct pads on a similar bike!.
  • -spider--spider- Posts: 2,548
    Yossie wrote:

    Sorry Halfords bashers, looks like the good guys have won again.

    Who are these "good guys" to whom you refer?

  • EKE_38BPMEKE_38BPM Posts: 5,821
    I think we all know Mr C. Boardman's user name now.
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  • ProssPross Posts: 34,867
    Chris Boardman used to post on here semi-regularly regarding his bikes and criticism of Halfords. He seemed to accept that they weren't the ideal partners but he needed a big, national company to help him get established.

    I can't believe the OP has gone so overboard on praise for what would be expected as normal service from any other bike retailer. Also, I think a lot of the mail order bikes were due to be built up in a central factory and many of the mechanics were due to be retrained following feedback. Most people have always said you can get lucky and have a Halfords with knowledgable, trained staff but that this isn't the case in the majority of cases.
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