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Newbie: Planning long ride: Leeds > Reading.

jeepiejeepie Posts: 495
edited April 2011 in Tour & expedition
I would like to cycle from Leeds to Reading. My problem is a simple one really. I can't use bridleways on my bike, and I definitely don't want to go on any particularly fast or dangerous A roads e.g. A46 in Coventry as an example which is a motorway in all but name. However, as I don't know Leeds -> Oxford I am not sure how to spec my route safely. routes you via bridleways, and I can't find another planner where the route is clearly marked as busy/hostile etc.

What would you recommend as this is my first long ride? Use the outline of the plan and then strip out all the bridleway stuff? Any other ideas? I can't afford a Garmin as I will not be doing long rides very often due to family commitments.

Another issue with the plans is that they are so intricate, I am not sure how to follow the route whilst on my bike. Perhaps an idea would be to hire a Garmin if you can do this. Anyone hired one?

Any advice appreciated.




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