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Replacement Cones/ New cyclocross wheel

JamesT20JamesT20 Posts: 16
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After taking apart the hubs apart to services the bearings on my Specialized (07) tricross, the cones are pitted to a point where they need replacing. The problem I am having is finding any replacements for these. The hubs are unbranded/specialized own, to a Alex rim. Dose anyone know where I can find replacement parts for these or what other cones would fit?


  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,058
    try emailing specialized service, maybe they can tell you which oem hub they used...

    or have a look at things like... ... goryID=765

    ...and play spot the hub

    or measure and count the bearings, compare to other hubs, for instance if in the front they're 3/16", and there are 10 each side, try a shimano tiagra 4400 cone (if you can get one...), likewise if the rear is 1/4". 9 each side

    but if the cones are shot, there's a fair chance the cups are also worn, might be better to just get the wheels rebuilt with new hubs - if the rims are worn, new wheels could be a better investment
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  • JamesT20JamesT20 Posts: 16
    Iv contacted specialzied and they dont know what the cones are, tryed the local bike shop and they have not been able to help me. I think the way ford is going to be to look for a new set of wheels. Any suggestions? I would be looking to spend a little as possible/good value.
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