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Giant SCR 3.0 2007 fork removal

BassjunkieukBassjunkieuk Posts: 4,232
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Can anyone offer any advice on this procedure? I've recently noticed mine has started making a rather unnerving noise when hitting some potholes/speed humps. Also when I was cleaning the bike today I noticed what can only be described as a grinding/gritty noise coming from the junction of the frame and fork.

I suspect some road crud has worked it's way in over winter but I can't see how to remove the fork from the frame to check/clean the area. I removed the spacers from the steerer tube and the stem but it didn't seem to want to just drop out. As it's my only bike atm I didn't want to just try playing with things for fear of breaking something properly!
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  • davisdavis Posts: 2,566
    Just take everything off the steerer tube, and give it some "encouragement" to drop downwards... I tend to rest a block of wood on top and whack it with a clenched fist. Can't find the exact specs for yours but it's almost certainly a threadless job.

    Mind you, if it's that stiff and noisy, you've probably found your problem... :-)

    Edit, this is probably helpful:

    Edit 2: You might want to put a rag down on the floor first, and take off your best Sunday spats :-) Ended up with a lovely rusty soup on the floor the first time I did my long overdue headset service.
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