Stumpy Elite '11 new rims needed

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As expected my DT Swiss 420 sl on my stumpy are falling apart. Any worthy replacement to suggest ?? I know It may sound like a generic question but I would appreciate any suggestion.
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  • Andy B
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    I suggest only having one topic on the same question.

    Posting multiple topics just clogs the forum up for everyone else

    It's a nice sunny day, everyone is out riding, I'm sure someone will help you when they get back from their ride.

    Besides shouldn't the issue be covered under warranty?
  • I'm sorry,I've thought the only post has been somehow canceled,it was not my intention to doublepost :oops: .

    I actually did'nt even considered the warranty thing given the bad reputations these rims have. I'll have a chat with my dealer :wink:
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  • paultrueman
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    I had the same dilema as you, I was bending these rims just about after everyride

    I got my local store to build my some new wheels using the old hubs, that way I could save a bit of money and still use the chunky Dt thru axle on the front hub, I opted for some Mavic 317's rims and dt spokes.

    I got the shop to stick some specialized blue rim tape in with some valves,

    I think i paid just over £100 for both wheels, they chucked in some sealant aswell as i run these tubless.

  • knutlu
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    NoTubes Flow?

    I've just bought NoTubes Crest with Hope hubs (Hope Hoops) for my Stumpjumper FSR, but I'm only 70 kg and a careful rider.
  • CharlieH
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    I must be lucky! I've had a SJ fsr since 2008 and had no problems with my wheels even with multiple red runs Inc Innerleithen, Glentress and Dalby. And I must add I'm certainly not the smoothest rider

    Just out of curiosity, what's happened to them?