broken shock pump.

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Does any know if it is possible to fix a broken shock pump?

Went to top my fork up this morning and after attaching it to the fork all the air came out.
The problem was on both chambers, so am assuming the fork is ok, and it is a new fork.

thanks for any advice


  • nicklouse
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    how do you mean "all the air came out"
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  • Justinjured
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    heard lots of air escaping, and now there is bearly any air in the fork, so it is not holding any weight.
  • CraigXXL
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    Di you use the pump correctly as it has a two stage adaptor. 1st to attach the pump to the valve, second to depress the valve to allow air pressure increases/decreases. When removing the adapter head you need to undo the second part first or it will let all the air escape.
  • Justinjured
    Justinjured Posts: 142
    Have used it about a dozen times before without a problem. It only has one moving part - the part that screws onto the fork connection, The air escaped on attaching it,not releasing, and am still unsure of the problem.
    Its a bit frustrating as the pump is around the 25 30 quid mark,(its an m part singleshot) and will be loathed to spend money on another one.
  • cooldad
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    Buy one from Halfords or Ebay, less than £20.
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  • Deputy Dawg
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    Have you lost the rubber bit from the connection mount?
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  • Justinjured
    Justinjured Posts: 142
    that sounds like a possibilty. does it fit inside the nozzle of the part that connects to the fork?
  • sponsoryu
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    If you don't know if it's the fork or not, take your bike to halfords and ask to use their shock pump - they let me use their tools for free if I'm quick so I doubt they would say no. That way you know if you need a new'un or not too.