Creaking noise

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Please help, I ride a cube peloton which i bough in January of this year and done around 850 miles. I am experiencing a creaking coming from ther bottom bracket/crank I think, it seems to be at its loudest when i push harder on the pedals or climbing up hills and putting more pressure on the crank, it doesn't seem to affect performance but its so bloody annoying. Also I have had my wheel realigned as it was rubbing on the brakes (back wheel) by my local bike shop but it seems after about every three rides the rubbing comes back and i need to take the wheel in again and again, do i need to change my wheel already? Is this normal, after its been fixed its fine but then i need to undo the quick release a little to stop the rubbing. Should i take it back to the bike shop i bought it from or are any of these parts under warranty?

any advice would be greatly appreaciated



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    The creaking could well be the bearing in one of the BB cups. I have the same problem on my new BMC Streetfire, so I've taken it back into the shop to get it sorted. The problem is worsened by the fact that both our bikes have aluminium frames, which amplify creaks and tabs tenfold. Also, I had exactly the same problem problem on my cross bike and my LBS swapped out one of the BB cups and, problem solved.

    If you turn the cranks slowly backwards when the bike is at rest, without applying very much force, you should experience a point where there's greater effort required to turn them or even a slightly click or tap.

    As for wheels - again, I had the same problem with a rear wheel on my cross bike that refused to stay true and was so warped after a few months of riding that I upgraded to a set of Shimano RS20s and flogged the originals on ebay for £30.