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Hi all

I am thinking of getting some Mavic Aksium's to replace the stock wheels on my CAAD8. Just wondered how good they are and if there are any issues with them. Also, I weigh around 95kg. Will they be OK for someone my weight?



  • I weigh the exact same.

    I have a set on my hybrid/commuter and very pleased with their durability on hard stony forest tracks and potholed roads. Lightish and run well.
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    Your weight on Aksiums no problem. Most people would view them as a fairly reliable set of wheels at the lower end of the market. Not the lightest around at that money (Planet X Model Bs are quite a bit lighter) but should serve you well IMO
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    Mavic Aksiums, couldn't rave about them enough to be honest. Very good wheelset for the money, For the same price they are actually a lighter wheelset than a lot else on the market, compare it to shimano, Fulcrum, DT Swiss or any other factory wheel maker and they do actually come in as one of the lightest. Not to mention they are a strong wheelset with less miatenance to be done on them in comparison to Shimano wheelsets... Make a decent set of trianning wheels as well!
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    Thanks for the feedback. They do seem to be a good set for the money.

    Nock - I have thought about the model B's but being a bit of a tart, they just don't look good enough being plain black.