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I bought a new Specilalized bike at the beginning of February. I was riding it today and noticed that the lacquer/top layer of paint has come off on the top tube(Think thats what its called?). About a penny size hole and another smaller a few cm away from it.

Surely this isn't on?
I am going to take it into my LBS where I got it from tomorrow morning but want guidance on where I stand?

I use water and muc off on the drivetrain but not the frame. Just water on the frame from a normal open hose (no pressure washer!!)

My experience with the shop is that they are going to say:
1) It's my fault
2) There's no guarantee that it won't happen.

I usually walk away from this shop defeated as I accept what they tell me and leave it. ( I have not had a great experience with this shop.)

But surely I am entitled to a re spray or new frame or something. The bike 2, TWO months old!



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    Is it anodised ? Common fault I think. mate of mine had a stumpjumper frame replaced under warranty.
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    Gotta go out now so can't upload any pics i am afraid!

    Don't think it's anodised
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    There's a bit on the top tube of all my bikes where the sweat dripping off my face has damaged the paint. Are you sue it's not something like that?
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    Not where your baggy shorts have rubbed is it? When it's wet and gritty it's easy for your shorts to run against the top tube and mark the paintwork etc.
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    I'd seriously doubt you'll get anything like a respray or new frame for what, at worst, is a small cosmetic defect. Can't hurt to ask though, you might get a nice voucher or something.

    There's a high likelihood that you've caused it somehow (my kneepads and gritty mud grinded a nice patch on the side of my toptube today), but there were reports of some Spec. bikes last year having flaky paint.
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    Got some chipped off bits on mine from stones that fly up, along with a lot of knocks on chainstay before I got a chainstay protector, and then there are rubbing marks on the downtube from the gear cables.

    I'm fine with it after a couple of years ownership or whatever it is now, but yeah I'd be a bit annoyed if I started getting them after a couple of months, but it's hard to avoid dings.

    That's not to say it isn't a defect.
  • I haven't managed to get a pic if the bike but please admire my paint skills showing where it is.


    It's n owhere near anything that could rub, and it;s on the top so no stones. I haven't even ridden 50 miles, only todays ride was the only in proper heat, so unlikely sweat.
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    Are you having us on? So far you've shown two pictures that are nothing to do with the problem.
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    We need pics of the marks on your own bike.
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    Is it me or was there a post within the last 2 weeks regarding the same bike and same problem? He reported it and was told is was a defect on the bike and asked to send purchase info and return it?

    Maybe mistaken.
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    ^ yeah, was a Stumpy, I believe.

    mikeysickalrigh - assume people know what a bike looks like and post a picture of the actual fault. The location indicated seems to suggest sweat drops as per Yeehaa's post, but unless you're designed by HR Giger that shouldn't happen in two months. Are you securing the frame at that point when you put it on a rack?
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    I dunno, depends what his sweat is like, I have serious issues when working wit metal, my sweat corrodes it in a matter of hours, meaning I have to wear gloves when machining, handling or fabricating. The paint on my bike was already affected after around a month or so of riding. I don't think that Matte paint on my bike helps either, since it's almost pourous.
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    How did you get that picture of my in my lbs earlier? I didn't see anyone with a camera.