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Hi all. A friend of mine is thinking of taking up biking he has a budget of £500-£600 to spend on a road bike. Any ideas of make model and value for money on that price range? I'm trying to push his budget to a £1000 so he can get something half decent but looking at his budget first. Thanks


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    Spesh allez is very good for the £500ish mark.

    I got mine in 2005 and it's still going very strong.
  • I'm currently looking for a bike in exactly that price range and after much research, have come to the conclusion that these two offer the best spec for the money: ... e-ec020907 ... &langId=-1

    I'll be test riding the GT just as soon as it arrives at my local Evans!
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    The Boardman is good value. Compared to that GT it's slightly cheaper, superior 105 rear mechanism and, from my limited knowledge, better rims.

    (Assuming you get the 2010 model Boardman though, the new 2011 Comp is far worse value for money with a Sora groupset at the same price, they seem to be slowly eliminating the one big advantage they had over other brands in this price range)

    I'm biased 'cos I've got one, but the frame looks a bit nicer than the GT as well. However, the best bike is the one that suits you. If the GT feels right then go with it. Tiagra mech is still decent on a bike of that price.
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    Jamis Ventura Comp from Evans. Great bike for the price. :D
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    I dilly dallyed over the 2010 Boardman for ages and now they look they are all gone.
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    Duffer65 wrote:
    Jamis Ventura Comp from Evans. Great bike for the price. :D

  • Don't forget to take into account, at least a helmet, and most likely pedals, shoes, shorts, pumps...the list could be endless, but I'd say these were my most immediate purchases too, having just started out.
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    I'm trying to push his budget to a £1000

    Can you do the same for me then I can get some Zipps :D

    If he's looking at the £500-600 range then he's got plenty of choices if he goes with entry-level British companies - there's Raleigh and Claud Butler to name two. How about one of these: ... baix.shtml
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    I dilly dallyed over the 2010 Boardman for ages and now they look they are all gone.

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    Just tell him to kiss his dollar goodbye and enjoy the ride.

    The cost of the bike is just the start. Shoes, pedals, clothing, tyres, tools, all adds up.

    As a starter though you could look through gumtree for some bargains. Hundreds of bikes on there, just make sure if he does go this route that the bike fits! Sizing info is missing or dumb on most ads.
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    Thanks for the advice chaps :D i shall pass on the info