Specialized Roubaix or Tarmac???

Lord Jimmy 7th
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HI, i have got the option of getting a new bike and am looking at either the specialized Roubaix or the Tarmac, both of these are either the Comp or Elite models.
But i cant seem to make up my mind.
I currently use the bike for training and will be for time trialling, with a view to maybe trying some more competitive racing next year.

I will be going to actaully try some of these bikes in the next few weeks as wont be able to buy until June.

Has anyone views on the bikes? or advice to give or even alternatives by other manufacturers.



  • rjh299
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    Try both and see which feels best fit, but also which feels more appropriate for what kind of riding you'll be doing. If it were me thinking of tt and racing id go for the more aggressive geometry of the Tarmac. I've got a Madone 4.7 and a Super Six. The SS is/feels quicker because of the position.

    edit- before somebody else says it, races are won on the Roubaix aswell (see Sunday possibly)
  • emx
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    Tarmac is more race oriented than the Roubaix, although either will be fast enough in the right hands (or legs). If you are planning on TTs or RRs, then the Tarmac would be (and indeed is) my choice.

    Team issue Roubaixs are usually custom and have very little geometry in common with the production bikes.....
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    I have ridden both, couldn't really feel the difference in comfort with the Roubaix, I didn't get a super long ride on it, but it felt very much the same as the tarmac. The only real difference is in the geometry in my opinion, and on that basis the tarmac, with its lower front end and faster handling won for me as I race a lot.

    My conclusion is that if you are old and have a shitty back, you might need the Roubaix, and you wont be trading much weight or stiffness for the different geometry.
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  • CrackFox
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    Used to have a Roubaix (2007), now have a Tarmac (2009). There are too many variables for me to offer a genuinely objective comparison and it's partly a matter of simple aesthetics, but I'm much happier with the Tarmac.
  • Monty Dog
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    The Tarmac would be more suited to getting a low position for TTs or racing whereas the long headtube on the Roubaix would make things trickier - seen plenty of Roubaixs in RRs though. Depends on your body proportions and flexibility too - if you need to run 3" of spacers on a Tarmac, then it's kinda pointless.
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