First crash - bent shifter

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Finally did it today. Nothing major, just really glad I was wearing gloves as the right one is shredded pretty bad. Seeing as I was still a few miles from home I had to jump right back on anyway so it ain't that bad. Just got some funny looks from people seeing someone cycling with a very bloody leg.

Thing is my handlebars are a little borked. The right hand shifter took some of the brunt and is now bent inwards, around 20 degrees from the direction of the drops (the bits that curl down). It can still change gear, and the brake still works but its pointing inward a bit too much for my comfort. How can I adjust it and pull it back out again? Am I going to have to take the handlebar tape off and realign it and buy new tape? That seems like too much for a 3 week cyclist to have to deal with...


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    Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo?
  • Shimano 2300
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    Not sure about the 2300 but I guess it's the same as other shim shifters

    Pull the front brake lever and then you should be able to peel back the rubber cover from the top of the shifter. Pull it quite far until you've got access to an allen bolt on the outside, loosen the bolt and you should be able to move the shifter back into place, tighten the bolt back up and put the rubber cover back where it should be.


    3 weeks in and you've crashed already, nice work, another box ticked :D
  • Perfect advice. Gears back to normal now. Yeah, it was a stupid crash but I'm glad I got it out of the way early.
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    You can usually move them back without loosening any bolts. Don't ask me how I know