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Fulcrum Racing 7 bearings?

surfbodisurfbodi Posts: 23
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Hi all. I have a problem with the front wheel on my cube peleton. its a Fulcrum Racing 7 and has developed a bit of play side to side. Im guessing that it just needs new cartridge bearings but I cant find much info on where to get them. Also can I fit them myself with basic tools? Any help appreciated as my local bike shop hasnt helped much. :)


  • Mike67Mike67 Posts: 585
    Looking at the Fulcrum docs they are the same bearings as the Fulcrum 5 and I've just changed my front ones.
    The bearings originally fitted are 6001RS (RS = Rubber seal on one side)

    I replaced them with 6001 2RSR (2RS rubber seal on both sides) and got them from
    Rapid delivery and good quality censored bearings at 3.32 each +VAT

    Here's a link to the Fulcrum docs so you can double check for yourself

    Fitting was easy enough.
    Removed the axle, knocked out the old ones with a drift (fat pin punch in my case but anything long and straight with a flat end would do).
    Put the new ones in the freezer for a couple of hours to shrink them a bit.
    Tapped in the new ones using the back end of a 1/2" socket that matched the diameter of the bearing as you should apply force to the outer race of the bearing only.

    As I said mine are Fulcrum 5s but should be a similar job on the 7s.
    Mike B

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  • MRaddMRadd Posts: 205
    Its different to replace bearings on 7's compared to 5's.

    You can't just knock them out. There is a small C clip holding them in. Its fairly tricky to remove without it pinging accross the room! but it can be done.

    As for tapping them back in, use the old bearing to hit them in. Lay the old bearing ontop of the new one, and tap away! As Mike67 said, hit the outer edge only!
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  • I'm gonna get some for my R7s through here: ... index.html

    They are the official UK distributors for Fulcrum wheels.
  • carefulcareful Posts: 720
    Mike67 said:
    Fitting was easy enough.
    Removed the axle,

    But how did you remove the front axle? I couldnt find any internal heaxagon or external flats. It baffled me and In the end my LBS sorted it and I forgot to ask how they did it. Embarassing as I thought I was a competent mechanic.
  • Mike67Mike67 Posts: 585
    The Fulcrum 5s were just a case of undoing the external flats/nuts.
    I'm guessing Fulcrum 7s are a tad different. :cry:

    Looking round the web there appear to be a couple of very fine, as in hard to see, C clips recessed into the dust cap which once removed allow the axle to come out.

    Might be worth a look with a bright torch and magnifying glass.
    Mike B

    Cannondale CAAD9
    Kinesis Pro 5 cross bike
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