Giant Defy 3.5

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I am currently doing the runds of my local bike shops looking for a deal on a entry level road bike. My budget isn't massive so models are limited.

One of the shops has offered me a Giant Defy 3.5 2010 at a price I would be really happy with and I know that in general the Giant product is very good, but have any of you got first hand experience of this bike and would you recommend it.

Sorry for the seemingly never ending series of questions I keep posting but as I also have a large wife and family to take care of whatever I buy will have to do me for some time so I don't want to make a terrible mistake.

The bike will be used for fitness/stroke fun riding on rides of between 15 & 50 miles.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered.


  • I am not sure what having a "large wife" has to do with buying a new bike but hey I am open minded.

    All Giant Defy's use the same frame and the components attached give the variance in price, so you can assume that the frame is good. I have ridden a Defy and it is a very nice comfortable bike.

    Shimano 2300 is last years Sora so all is good there. It is reliable and dependable and don't worry that it is only 8 speed as all of the big manufacturers supply bikes with 8/16/24 speeds and spares will be around for a very long time. 9 or 10 speed only give closer ratios so no magic performance gains there.

    Ash Cycles will deliver a 2010 Defy 3.5 fully built up for £414.49 so if you can equal or beat this price then it sounds like a bargain. Although if it is your first road bike it is worth paying the lbs a premium for helping you get the right size and ensuring you are comfortable on the bike.

    You said it was a price you are comfortable with then my advice is buy it and enjoy your riding, you won't look back and you are safe in the knowledge that the frame can always be upgraded with more expensive components further down the line (notice I didn't say "better").

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks for your help Dave.

    I think I'm going to go for it, it's nice to just get a bit of reassurance that you've picked the right thing when your a newbie.

    Thanks again
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    Well , thats it, I've done it.

    Proud owner of Giant Defy 3.5, I know most of you have much more exotic kit but this is my first relatively serious go at cycling.

    Can't wait til morning, off for my first ride.
  • Congratulations!

    Irrespective of what bikes anyone rides now most of us started on a lot less than the Defy 3.5.

    Anyway the fun in riding is riding I still own a Raleigh and a £25.00 Giant that I rebuilt and I love to ride them both.

    Just remember to take it easy at first leave it until next week for your first 100 miler :lol: