High (ish!) end forks - options?

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I'm looking to replace the aging bits on my 6 year old Seven Alaris.

Looking for a fairly high end fork that would fit the following criteria. Ride quality is more important than out an out lightness, but obviously don't want an anchor:

- Less than £300
- ~350 grams
- 42-44mm rake
- 1.125 steerer
- Meets the usual marketting spiel (laterally stiff yet comfortable, makes you go faster)

I'm a bit out of touch with whats out there at the moment. Used to be in to Alpha-Q and Easton EC90 SL - but these don't really seem to be available anymore. Does anyone have any recommendations?



  • Monty Dog
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    Might be better looking over on Weightweenies, but Enve carbon products seem to be highly regarded. For some reason, there's a lot less people selling after-market forks these days - probably due to competition from Chinese producers and product-liability issues.
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    Get a 3T fork like this


    3T make fantastic stuff.
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    http://www.i-ride.co.uk/3t/forks/3T_Fun ... Forks.html

    These but it won't let me log on to the b2b so I can't get the exact info needed.

    Bloody good forks though.

    love n hugs

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  • Berk Bonebonce
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    Carbon forks are carbon forks. What makes a fork 'high end' these days is merely the branding. I would guess that 3T buy their Funda forks from China, and probably from the same factory that make the Easton ones and others.
  • huuregeil
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    I went through exactly this same loop recently and share your frustrations! You can drop silly money (£300+) and get a Look, Time, or something like that. Enve forks get good rep and are due to land in this country sometime this month (according to the distributer) - price tbd. Otherwise, the two forks getting decent rep that are widely available and sub £200 are the Deda Black Fin and Columbus Carve. Was going to go for a black fin on the back of my LBS's recommendation, he rating it quite highly, but ended up picking up a new EC90SL off the bay for just over £100 - seemed stupid not to!
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    BTW Carbon forks aren't just carbon forks - having had two different forks on the same frame, there can be quite a difference in handling.
  • Mingsta
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    Thanks for the recommendations.

    I thought I was going mad there, not being able to find any decent contenders. Glad I'm not the only one! I guess with most frames being carbon fibre these days, and coming as a frame and fork package, there's not so much demand for after market forks anymore.

    I've got some 3T bars and they're ace, the Funda's look good, but would look a bit odd with the skinny round tubes of my seven, will check out some of the other suggestion though...thanks again guys!