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As its the end of the season I am keeping an eye out for some good deals on warm base layers for next year and just came across these from Planet X. Anyone tried these?

Or is something like a better option?

Anyone seen any good deals on long sleeved base layers?


  • dbb
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    i have the planet x. they are very well made. i have washed them a few times now and the wool has held its shape.
    i would buy these again - there is something nice about merino wool
  • yakk
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    Hi there, I would ditto the above, I have the Planet X merino ones and they are fantastic - wick sweat away, warm and better over a wider temperature range than the synthetic base layers I have.
  • Chris87
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    whenever you buy a base layer always splash out the extra cash for merino.

    its great because its one of the finest wools you can get so is the most effective at wicking moisture off you while also feeling nice and soft, also because its wool you dont have to wash it as much because bacteria find it harder to grow so it wont start to stink as quickly as synthetics......

    icebreaker base layers are a bit expensive but are amazing and well worth the extra few quid
  • maddog 2
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    +1 Icebreaker merino. I have the Atlas 150 and it's a great bit of kit.

    That PX deal looks good though. 190g is a little thicker than you'd want in summer but for cooler rides it would be fine.
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  • dbb
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    maddog 2 wrote:
    190g is a little thicker than you'd want in summer but for cooler rides it would be fine.

    agreed - but don't expect it to be thick (i was expecting it to be thicker)

    eg - i am still wearing the short sleeve now - up to about 15 degrees