Garmin Edge 500 erratic speed.

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This is my first post and I hope someone can help me.I bought a Garmin Edge 500 + HR and cadence and so far I am quite impressed except that from time to time the speed is a bit erratic i.e under constant effort on the flat it will drop from 22mph to 12mph and back up again over a few seconds. Due to the nature of the device it should even itself out over the ride but its a bit off putting seeing it flucuate like that. At present I am not using the HR or cadence as I want to get used to it and add a bit at a time.

I have emailed Garmin but so far had no response.
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    Are you using the GSC-10 for speed or is speed from the GPS? If you are using the GSC-10 for speed then it could be that the wheel magnet isn't close enough to the sensor. If you're not using the GSC-10 then it may just be down to getting a poor GPS signal. When it does fluctuate are you under trees or surrounded by hills or buildings?
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    Thanks for the quick input.

    At present I am only getting the speed from the GPS as I was going to introduce the other bits later. It has happened in tree lined roads but also on open clear roads as well.
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