new wheels have come - do i need to grease quick release?

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hey everyone

my new wheels have come!!! shimano rs10. look very very nice.

BUt the quick release lever is not attached and is in a separate bag. do i need to grease this when i put it on the wheels??

sorry if this is a stupid question :oops: just thought i better check




  • magoo289
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    Is it not greased inside the hub? Yes, if not.
  • evsy
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    magoo289 wrote:
    Is it not greased inside the hub? Yes, if not.

    thanks for your help. im not sure if the hub is or not. i havent looked tbh. i have just opened the wheels and noticed that the quick release levers are in a little bag and are bone dry with no grease on.

    do i need to open hub to check its greased? dont they come greased?
    if so do i just put quick release lever in or should i put some grease on before i put in hub?
  • amaferanga
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    Just put a little bit of grease on it and stop fretting :wink:
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  • evsy
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    yeah i know. sorry if i sound dumb. this is the first upgrade i have done since starting to bike and i dont want to mess the wheels up.

    i cant find anything which says they are pre greased so i hope they are!

    thanks for all of your help
  • redvee
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    The wheels spin better if you grease the skewers :lol: A blob of grease stops them getting rust coloured, water does get in there somehow.
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