Puncture Resistant do-it-all tyres (campag rims)

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Hi there,

Just need some quick help, I have always been a massive fan of Conti Ultra Gatorskins as my do it all tyre (commute, train and race) and over 6000 miles only 2 punctures!

Only problem I have now changed to Fulcrum rims and these are impossible to get on or off without 37 tyre levers, talc and 4 arms.

So I need a good do it all tyre with very good puncture protection that will easily fit on the rims, as i dont fancy spending £60 on a pair of tyres and find out they are also very tight.



  • Swap out the plastic rim strip.

    Believe me it is the problem.

    Conti's are a little tough on Campag rims but they go. Take out the tape use a cloth one and put the tyre on without a tube then repeat with a tube.
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    In terms of tyre choice, GP 4 Seasons or Durano S are worth the extra over Gatorskins if durability is the issue - 3rd winter on a pair of GP4S, still no punctures - go for a 25mm for improved 'roll' too
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    I was really happy with the Gatorskin 23's had was pleased with their puncture resistance but it was just the issue of them not fitting on the rims easily enough.

    Will try and change the rim tape to cloth and see if that helps but they seems a long long way off of fitting easily!
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    Well if they're puncture proof then you only have to put them on once and take them off when they're worn out so maybe it is worth the effort?

    In my case, Michelin Krylion Carbon seem to work wee so far, only had to fit them one (on Fulcrum 3's, no rim tape) and this was quite easy with only a couple of small plastic levers

    Good luck!