Formula K24 brake pads - any Bedding in tips?

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Hi there, got a new set of K24's and they seem a bit odd. When I got them I did my usual bedding in procedure, hoof it along and slam on the brakes plenty of times and this got them working well and stopping on a tupence. Put the bike back in my shed happy that they were all fine.

Went out to cannock recently and they didnt perform as I expected, they seemed to revert to the 'pre bedding' performance and only really started to grip well once warmed up . Once they had cooled, the performance dropped until they got warm again?

Not had this before with brake pads or found similar problems whilst searching, any tips?

they are the standard pads that came with the brakes if that is any help


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    have you read the manual and how formula like you to bed in their brakes?
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    I have now ;-)

    Would have thought that a full lap of FTD & Monkey would have included way more than 50 pulls on the stoppers.

    Will give it another bash and see how I get on.