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Dieppe - Paris route??

rodgers73rodgers73 Posts: 2,626
edited May 2011 in Tour & expedition
I'm doing London to Paris this July and wondered if there are any particular routes that are worth following? Looking at the map the roads all look unremarkable.

I'm also needing a route into Paris - is there a traffic free or reduced traffic route? I'm guessing so given how keen the French are on cycling...



  • izzaizza Posts: 1,561
    I did the Discover Adventure run L2P organised event a few years back.

    We did four day route and on the French side went from Dieppe.

    The route is described at ... y_2011.pdf

    Don't know if that helps.
  • deswahriffdeswahriff Posts: 310
    ...we're off in May..

    Day 1 Kent to Newhaven, then Dieppe to Neufchatel en Bray, but not by Ave Vert, going by D56 instead as its prettier, ( we think).

    Day 2. Neufchatel to Gouvieux (near Chantilly) stopping at Beauvais for lunch.

    Day 3. into Paris...still to be sorted!

    We planned our route from Michelin maps and have deliberately chosen what we hope are more scenic routs rather than just A to B fastest way possible - just hope the weather is kind!!

    I'll post links to our routes so far later on if its of interest, and I've found a sight on the Paris Tourist board that lets you plot routes through the centre that use cycle lanes - again. I'll post a link later from home...

    best of luck!!
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  • deswahriffdeswahriff Posts: 310 we go... this is the "bicycle lane" finder for central Paris - haven't spent much time on it yet, but as far as I understand, Paris is growing its commuter cycle network which can only be good. There is towpath route from the east that we thought about, but as we're coming from the north, it would have meant a detour round the airport.
    At the moment we're thinking of having a potter around Chantilly, then heading in towards St Denis, then try to pick up these cycle lanes... Dieppe to Neufchatel, pretty much all uphill, guess that's what happens when you start at sea level! Neufchatel to Gouvieux.

    Am happy to share anything else I find, let us know how you get on!
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  • rodgers73rodgers73 Posts: 2,626
    That's really helpful, thanks!
  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    I've not done London-Paris, but I've seen threads recommending going into Paris along the Canal d'Ourq (which I have done and it is a very pleasant ride).

    St Denis is famous for the Basilique and the Stade de France but otherwise is pretty horrible - but then I guess so are most suburbs of big cities. also has a facility for searching out cycle-friendly routes.
  • deswahriffdeswahriff Posts: 310
    ..Ok here's our provisional route into Paris:

    ..from mile 27, we plotted the route using the cycle path link I quoted previously. Looks like nice a nice forested area just before we get into town.....I'd welcome any comments if anyone knows the countryside there, or Paris, well enough.

    We're still thinking about the canal option, though it means us swinging out east round CDG airport before picking it up, something I'm not so keen on.

    ..only 37 days 'till we're off! - if nothing else, I can give you some insight afterwards!
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  • Were also off to Paris, see

    Kingston to Dover Calais to Beauvais , Beauvais to Paris

    June 2-4

    Marcus Gayle will join us as we try to raise 7k for Wimbledon's disabled fans.
  • deswahriffdeswahriff Posts: 310
    ..good luck there, Russel, you're either fitter or dafter than us lot!!

    ...have you got any thoughts on a detailed route you'd like to share?
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  • There's 11 of us riding down , doing it on a budget, also Andy Little Woking's goalkeeper is riding , along with the legend that is Marcus Gayle.!/veloandblue

    and also on Facebook too.
  • Russell SmithRussell Smith Posts: 229
    We've also put together a PDF and pinched bits and pieces including the route in a 20 page doc, if anybody wants a copy please email [email protected], and we will return a FREE copy to you. Includes the routes/climbs/elevation/training guide etc.
  • deswahriffdeswahriff Posts: 310
    ..we just got back from a pretty successfull trip, helped a lot by great weather!!

    On the whole, we found cycling in France much better than back home, roads were wider, better quality, quieter and motorists much more tolerant. We went trhough some lovely countryside, woodland and villages and landed a couple of cracking little hotels!

    Just some comments, in hindsight, on our route...we deliberately avoided the Avenue Vert - we wanted something more interesting, even though a cyclist on the ferry warned us it was bonkers to climb 500ft when you don't have to. While there was a short climb on our chosen route, it was nothing like what we'd done in training - in fact, the geogrpahy is definitely gentler than our part of Kent - none of the hills phased even the weakest of us.
    By all means do the Ave Vert, but don't be afraid to explore alternatives.

    We'd forgotton how confusing it can be to navigate round French towns and villages! (the best way is just to keep stopping and asking). We got hopelessly lost coming out of Beauvais on day 2, and in hindsight, we should have bypassed such a big town.

    As a result of getting lost so much on day 2, we changed our route into Paris for day 3..we picked up the Canal De Ourcq which brought us out near the Gard du Nord, ...we asked some cyclists on Velib bikes and they guided us the first half mile on the main drag..we followed signs to Chatelay, picked up the left bank, then on to the Eiffel Tower - it was a blast, with lots of good cycle lanes (shared with buses, but they weren't interested in trying to get past us), and showed us the point that you don't to need to micro plan every last detail. The final route is below, but to be honest, I've no idea of the exact route we took for the final blast through central Paris. The canal path is great, btw..we started it a wee bit early (on the advice of a local cyclist - it should be pedestrian for the first couple of k) and it was loose gravel stuff, ok in the dry but might be messy in the wet. It soon became proper tarmac, we travelled at a good pace but just beware of oncoming cylists doing likewise, and families out with kids and dogs etc.

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