10Spd Front mech with 9spd chain?

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Hi guys, i took all the 10spd stuff off my new bike, but i left the front mech on as i dont have a suitable 9spd one. I just cant seem to get it to index correctly, the chain rubs off the outer plate when in the middle ring and 5th from the smallest cog on the rear.

Height and everything are set ok, so are these 10speed mechs narrower than 9spd ones?



  • nicklouse
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    yes they are. as are the chains.
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  • bennett_346
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    Why the hell did you replace it all with 9spd? :?
  • bigdavevw
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    Cheers Nick i thought it would have been narrower, i knew the chains and cogs were narrower.
    bennett, i took it all of the bike to sell and get some of my money back, 9 speed is good enough for me plus its more robust
  • bennett_346
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    hmm, debatable about it being more robust, what makes you say that? anyway new mech time.