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Hi, just wondering if it is possible to access the old cyclingplus forum topics? There was one thread in particular I was looking for, years ago there was a thread full of cycling haiku. Is it possible to retrieve or is it all lost?



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    it is still there but the search is not working past the forum fail.

    try this

    http://www.google.com/cse/home?cx=00248 ... e0q5f6ea4a
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    thanks for the suggestion, tried it and variations on t, no luck, but I did find:

    from rboon99:

    Cycling Haiku - wind pushes into me, I am a sail for the wrong direction, headwind

    In fear of pursuit
    I press on into the gale
    Quietly weeping

    - Dunston_checks_in
    Early SCR haiku


    Sell my Landrover
    To get me a motorbike?
    Answers in Haiku

    with replies:

    Sad cruddy poetry
    What is next, flower arranging
    or ballet dancing?

    Poems of Marx and Mau
    Killed many millions of men.
    Treat words with respect.


    Well, I bought Cycle Sport today cos it's the first magazine out with a TdF preview, and to my surprise, I find that they've done a haiku for all of the main Tour stars.

    For example, Little Schleck's goes like this:

    Looks like a small child
    Rides up mountains very fast
    Likes staring at girls.

    Magazine page is blank
    I need copy
    Japanese poetry time