Wheels - more money than sense type question :)

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Please be patient, I dont exactly have more money than sense but I do have an excuse to buy a new bike for various reasons I wont bore you with

My current ride is on Fulcrum Racing Zeros for the summer months which Im very happy with, they are just absolutely great and a massive difference over my previous mid range wheelsets

Im looking at buying a new Canyon bike
The choice is as follows:

Modest model on Ksyrium Elites I can either sell or use on my 'old' bike and put the Zeros on instead

Model on Mavic R-SYS which have previous baggage but surely Mavic must have sorted them for 2011 mustnt they? And then sell my Zeros privately

Different spec on Cosmic Carbones and again sell the Zeros
But I dont like dished wheels and this really isnt a rational option

The above 3 options will work out at roughly the same outlay after I have sold some bits and pieces accordingly from my shed!

I am a keen amateur rider with fit mates riding nice kit in a non competitive manner if you know what I mean LOL

Im doing this years Galibier Etape

Ive been to the Pyrenees for the last 2 summers and despite not doing UK sportives will certainly do the Marmotte and Maratonna in the near future

My regular training is Peak District heavy

Thoughts welcome
I am very fortunate to have this kind of money to spend I admit

The rational choice is the 'modest' Canyon and then fit my Zeros
However I like the idea of the R-SYS bearing in mind my thing for hills and mountains but have worries about their previous record



  • Dura Ace 7850 CL's, unless you want the new 7900 model....would be good for the Peak District hills (my former training ground as well).
    Summer - Dolan Tuono with Sram Force and Dura-Ace 7850 CL Carbon wheels
    Winter - old faithful Ribble winter bike
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  • Squillinossett
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    R-SYS are meant to be fine, now they have sorted the problem, and meant to be super stiff, I would still have a nagging worry in the back of my mind, and I know it would act as a mental block for pushing myself on a decent as a result.

    Put another way, if I was going to buy, from new either R-SYS, Zeros, 7850cl's or Ksyrium Elites, I would buy the Zeros...
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    Stick with what you have.
  • Thanks for the comments

    I know the sensible option is to buy the more modest spec bike and fit my Zeros to it but you know how it is dont you :)

    Im still curious about the R-SYS however there really hasnt been that much published about them since the recall a few years ago in either magazine tests or comments on the obvious forums

    They look ideal as a climbing wheel which will be my main use for them and when bundled with a new bike they are as 'cheap' as I will ever see them but I just cant get over their history even though I would expect this generation to be bombproof - or maybe not?

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    usually wheels are reviewed when new, so even with revisions it isn't surprising the r-sys is short on reviews, and most wheels just don't get reviewed (i mean *really* reviewed, as opposed to printing some short blulb about x's new z)

    there are exceptions, like everyone seems to cover the latest 404 release, but proper wheel reviews don't seem so common

    the r-sys isn't super light and isn't great aerodynamically, you don't mention your weight, but you could probably do better

    tbh i'd go for a light aero wheel - shaving a few grams weight wll be far less useful than cutting drag to save energy on the flat/gentler slopes

    for comparative tests...

    there's the btr test, lots of wheels, focus is on aero performance so just the front wheel...

    http://www.biketechreview.com/reviews/w ... nd-ratings

    the roues artisanales test was more comprehensive, but is a few years old now, some wheels changed a lot since then...

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    Stick with your Zeros mate, DEFINITELY ! You wont gain anything from the R SYS,except worse aerodynamics. You wont find anything appreciably lighter and certainly not stiffer than the Zeros unless you go to a full carbon tubular, and I'd certainly feel a LOT safer on alloy rims in the mountains.

    With wheels like Zeros under you, you're better putting your money into a lab test and a coaching session, more speed for your buck, just not as pimping as new wheels I know :wink: